western opinions not wanted on jihadist violence

There’s a very simple but false argument being made in the wake of every new Jihadist attack. A very dangerous one. That westerners have no right to comment because they don’t have endless knowledge of Islamic culture. Or because they don’t speak the Arabic tongue.

This is now part of the “play-book” if you will, of the new hard left. The appearance of some high browed ivy league middle easterner on-set at CNN, who proceeds to tell all of us that we have no right to demand vengeance or even look into Islam or discuss it after our citizens are murdered en masse.


They say because we’re just Americans who don’t culturally relate to a 24 year old terrorist or his background.

Should I relate to a 24 year old terrorist?

After yet another attack I watched as an Islamic woman interrupted a top notch CIA man on CNN trying to stifle his ability to deliver facts, almost shouting “do you even speak arabic?”

What? Are we in another dimension? Americans who actually survive attacks are from the left’s perspective expected to shut up about terrorism and Islam? Or run afoul of adjunct professors on tv? In America?

Try this hypothetical:

Cast for argument’s sake an Irish American atheist as an airport shooter killing 100 Arabs. Then imagine Americans telling the families of the slain “shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t even speak English. You’ve never seen The Big Lebowski or a Yankees game. Your words have no place here.”

Americans have not just been killed by religious villains. Now we’re being insulted. Dehumanized. Silenced in a “post attack insult campaign.”

To be sure, the intent is to silence us and to scare us with the threat of being labeled as a bigot. And if they can’t silence someone they move to discredit them. These are the tactics of these ordained agents of the new left. Who are so far down the ideological rabbit hole these days that they can’t see through their own pile of feces. Make no mistake. These are not the liberals of old.

American principals of justice and decency in pursuit of freedom and happiness must win out…This requires above all else…safety.

Reject what rejects you. And fight it.



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If you’d have gone to a local chapter meeting of the open American Communist Party in 1950 you couldn’t have sat among a more rabid bunch of bigoted tyrants than you’d find today in a grouping of the neuvo-hipster leftist class. In the last week, three events make this case.

Gay hotel magnate and fierce donor to all causes liberal, Mati Weiderpass was literally ousted mid cocktail party from a restaurant, we’re told, to a round of applause from nearly all in attendance. N.Y. Post featured it.

hat tip pinterest.com

hat tip pinterest.com

His crime? It was discovered during this social affair by attendees that Mati Weiderpass had the audacity to sit and have a formal chat with the likes of Senator Ted Cruz weeks earlier. Cruz who’s not a member of the one acceptable ideology for these folks, which is leftist progressivism, or American socialism. The contents of the discussion between Weiderpass and Cruz are not even part of the story as the coupling itself is suddenly some sort of “thought crime” among the left. The message is clearly sent to everyone. Public association with non-progressives is outlawed and comes at a high price. The Soviet Union is stateside now.

Next, famed comedian Jerry Seinfeld, himself no Reagan conservative to be certain, was shamed all over MSNBC and it’s accompanying twitterverse of leftist foot soldiers. He was basically given the tag of “he who must be boycotted from now on.” The media are drunk on blackballing of late I noticed.

His offense was simply stating during a television appearance that speech policing culture among the college set hurts comedy and that his comic friends don’t do college gigs much anymore because they are scared of student outrage to their jokes. Something well known already. This little monologue was delivered innocently and respectfully. And to drive home his point he told a short story of how his little daughter as though part of Orwell’s 1984, coldly accused her mother at the breakfast table of being sexist for not using pc terms and how shocking this was to both he and his wife. A parent’s eureka moment that said, “your daughter is exposed to rabid stuff in school.” And so he spoke out…unaware he was now a part of a communist state.

Needless to say the MSNBC commentary on this Seinfeld transgression, as it normally is, was knee-jerk, full of cliche, class warfare, and overplayed grievance cards. Oh the horror. Seinfeld’s message was also spitefully characterized as the last whiny gasps of a man who can “no longer get laughs?” As though suddenly one of the most successful of all comics just kind of sucks just…well…just because Don Lemon wants to see it that way. Who needs logic when little decisions can be made like this about who and what is relevant.

Oh I’ve seen that tactic before from them. The second you fall afoul of the left suddenly everything you do is seen through a “has been” lens. Kind of reevaluated and found suddenly silly and outdated. Yes, only a has-been would strike at the grievance industry and balk at turning kids into icy little parent accusers. See for yourself.  One of the cable mouthpieces on hand offered up the following slogan as though it was a real idea and not a platitude: “this can start a conversation about racism and sexism…” Genius. What an idea? Talk on race race race  topics would be a real “about face” on MSNBC wouldn’t it? Have they had a broacast this year that wasn’t entirely about race? In the final moments of the segment one of them remarks on Seinfeld “he’ll be comfortable in his EXILE !!!!!”

Excuse me? Cough. Cough. Did she say “exile?” She did, as though passing sentence in some Chinese committee hearing.

Then there’s the Miami school principal who was fired.

His transgression. Issuing a tweet that contained a sensible but unpopularly supportive opinion of a police officer regarding an incident in some viral video where some out of control teen was put on the ground by a cop and didn’t even get hurt. The poor principal made a single statement against the growing “cops are what’s wrong with society” narrative. This apparently angered sufficiently those who claim law enforcement is keeping us from creating utopia somehow. And he was handed his walking papers. Sad.

It’s axiomatic of the hard leftist movement that not only must the doctrine swiftly shift and pick up steam, but expectations of adherence must also gain intensity. That is to say that for example, “not defaming gay marriage” must turn quickly to full acceptance of gay marriage must turn to applause in unison anytime gay marriage is discussed. Eventually everyone must vow to destroy anyone who doesn’t cheer for gay marriage. Want proof? Remember when a person had to do something really offensive in order to become the target of all out attack?  I do. Now, simply expressing some concern will get you targeted. Meeting with someone of the opposite viewpoints, will get you blackballed. Defending a cop will get you fired.

Ain’t in grand folks?

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“Check my privilege? Check your bias”

Understand please. Just get it. LIBERAL ( a.k.a STATIST AUTHORITARIAN) BIAS is HATE mongering.

Why is all this clear and unmitigated bullying and venom against middle class America not called the hate-mongering it obviously is? More sickening is that it’s directed at whom? Patriotic Jesus loving Americans. Oftentimes, by their brothers and sisters and cousins and neighbors. The leftists in this nation increasingly hate any thoughts outside of their views. And their rabid ideology which most do not understand, calls for the destruction of opposites. Calls for mockery, marginalization and the repetition of that process.

But do you really not see for yourself at this point? Seriously. Who’s attacked in this world at present times? Not decades ago. Now. Who’s the target for whom the so called media cannot find a voice? White cops. White victims of crime. Conservatives.

Wherever they look, movies, speeches, other people’s opinions, the leftists see sexism, racism, and issues of the plight of stereotyped members of groups. A group’s lack of performance or achievement alone means unfairness is afoot. Laws much be changed, money needs to be confiscated from those who already lose most of their paycheck as it is. America is to blame for every evil among us. More specifically, the working, family oriented core of what we are is targeted.


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Santa Barbara Rampage Manifesto Reveals

0Murderous Hollywood Virgin’s manifesto exudes entitlement and authoritarianism.

Elliot Rodgers, for those who’ve been in a coma, is the “Hollyweird” director’s son who went on that rampage in Santa Barbara in May of 2014 shooting people dead.

Left behind after the carnage, Rodger’s macabre manifesto detailing his twisted thoughts of control, rage and revenge on the popular kids. Haven’t we heard this before.

In Rodger’s amazingly arrogant and impossibly delusional writings featured in the N.Y. Post, he calls himself “the supreme gentleman” and “good looking” and “rich.” He’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. A king among boys. He therefore rails against the perpetual rejection he apparently got from the opposite sex since his first middle school dance. And who knows, maybe he was stuffed into lockers regularly in addition to being snubbed by hotties.

The creepy part is that that his actual status in society was so radically different from that of his own delusions. Moreover, he seems to have no idea of a solution. These are, meaning his writing, the ideas of a repellant Aspergers sufferer who clearly doesn’t recognize or is too lazy to overcome, the differences between him and the swarthy boys laying pipe to pom pom girls behind the gym. The studs having pregnancy scares. Getting laid, what have you.

Crucial to know, made very clear for the question of motive is that his sex having opposites make him angriest, simply by ignoring him. That’s right. Most bullied kids would give anything to be left alone.

Girls themselves, and as a whole according to this person, were expected to find his eery self and his BMW, attractive by some natural law in his head. It’s called, entitlement. He also took the Hollywood culture of demand and inflated self concept to a whole new level. He makes the following written statement:

“Women should not have the right to choose who to mate and breed with. That decision should be made by rational men of intelligence.” He also writes, “in an ideal world sexuality must be outlawed. A world without sex is more pure.”  How on earth does a kid end up with ideas like this? Wait. There’s more.

“If women continue to have rights they will only continue to hinder the advancement of the human race.”

Sick. What causes this pathology of control and tyranny? How about a lifetime of social struggles? His Aspergers diagnosis? His broken home life? The radicalized mainstream? Or all of the above?

“Elliot the great,” let’s say, clearly wanted women shackled up and delivered to his palace for his deviant purposes. In a few years he might have joined the terrorist group Boko Haram, or at least purchased a few sex slaves from them. And strangely but this is true: don’t use his personal and precious scent candle without permission. He apparently called the cops on his roommate for just this offense. Sadly, that kid was among the victims of the rampage.

This Rodger kid’s life is like a bad dream for society. One all too real for the families of the victims. But will we learn anything? No. We never do.

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“In The Garden of Beasts”

Commentary on “In The Garden of Beasts.”

In reading the book, one takes note of all the grand political, and ambassadorial dinners attended by the American delegates, their families, and all of the Nazi Party members, and media members. During these gatherings, amid much opulence and hoerderves on silver plates, you had German politicians saying things like, “oh…I’m very sorry. That beating of the Jews in Munich was widely exaggerated. It didn’t happen actually. Just some troublesome shopkeepers. Nothing to see here.”

Listening, and obeying early on, were American sycophantic members of the aristocracy, who because of their own love of political cache and romanticism with everything Euro, bought every word from propagandist officials and party members.


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giving back and paying forward

Ferris-teacherWriting and reading have been good for me in so many ways. I almost couldn’t quantify it. Therefore, I feel a sense of obligation to pass along the joy and confidence that comes with strengthened communication skills. To teach others the things I’ve been able to learn from other writers. To impart ability and the thirst for knowledge. To foster original thought in the age of sameness.

I remember the day I was told by a few fellow college students and our professor, that I should pursue my writing and see where it goes. I was blown away, never having thought of myself as an author. I remember that class like it was yesterday. Including a sweet, dark haired young woman a few desks over, who always drew my glances. I digress.

I realized then, that the previous year I spent reading over 50 novels had somehow been germane to my new ability to use the language. Reading was key. Of that I was certain. But how do I teach those who haven’t read nearly as much as me, or perhaps don’t read very much at all?

The answer may lie in a set of workshops and some smart curriculum. I’ve been developing a system which is designed to cut though the concept many have of what it takes to be a good writer. Scrapping that idea that between the student and good skills, lies an insurmountable mountain of punctuation, set rules on paragraph construction, endless tediums of proper this and pronoun that, sentence diagramming, all surrounded by a sea of obnoxious red ink. We need a new system of… just the basics. The basics…work.

I myself can’t diagram a sentence and to this day don’t know what a “determiner” is as far as grammar goes. I suspect however, that I use them regularly, whatever they are. And so it goes.


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John Scofield

Youtube video below:

Here’s one of the best players who ever played a six string. Meet John Scofield, Miles Davis’s guitar man for his last tour. Certainly, that speaks to his cache. I saw this cat many years ago at the Count Basie Theatre up in Red Bank, N.J and was blown away by his sense of timing and his incredibly hot solos.

Little did we know at the time,  the same act came to Philly 7 days after we saw them in North Jersey. About an hour closer to our rural home town. So, we goofed on that score. Red Bank was a good show don’t get me wrong. It was Medeski Martin and Wood, and John Scofield with Charlie Hunter band opening up. Hunter, if you don’t know, plays two instruments at the same time; guitar and bass using a custom 8 string axe. He’s a headliner all by himself.

We were rather indulgent that evening if I do recall. An unmitigated adventure. We felt like we owned over square inch of the night.


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My MMW trip. (Medeski Martin & Wood)








1-05 Chafriel copy   CLICK LINK ON LEFT TO PLAY

“In their 20 plus years as a trio, Medeski Martin and Wood have cultivated a magical presence in their dizzy musical explorations, melding free-form jazz, experimental “unsounds,” funk and ample improvisation — all the while, never once foraying into trickery or ulterior illusory motives to dazzle their listeners. Genres cease to apply with the improvisational wonders John Medeski, Billy Martin and Chris Wood, resulting in an undeniably fresh approach to not only jazz, but to our conception of sound as a whole.”  “Paul Mejia”



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featuring Alison Krauss

Click to play song ” 1-06 Every Time You Say Goodbye  ”

I’m featuring one of my favorite singers here.  I was introduced to her music through the Coen Brothers film, “Oh Brother Where Art Though.”  She’s one of the legendary bluegrass artists on that soundtrack which is undeniably one of the most influential movie records in recent history.  Before long, I too became a huge fan of Alison Krauss the more I looked into her career, listened and discovered her amazing range and ability.  She’s been a prodigy since childhood as both a fiddler and singer.  The most common word used to describe Alison’s voice is, “angelic.”

Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss

















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