Baltimore violence…a cynic’s meditation

The Ferguson street punks have taken their place at the table of destruction once again after another police fiasco. Now Baltimore. Where they’ve beaten people unconnected to any of the police misconduct alleged, stabbed, burned property, robbed and torn asunder the sense of safety of innocent people. Apparently this is their cause. A bit different than the March of Dimes.

The scenes are barbaric. The victims many. But no two words appear more today in the matrix…I mean the media, than “mostly” and “peaceful.” That’s rich. I suppose Jonestown also met that standard. Manson had his peaceful moments too with his harem.

Optimistic outlook? Or more word feces from those who are simply biased and therefore assist this movement, this bowel movement. And frankly, these street menaces exude gleeful lawlessness more than any meaningful anger. One can tell an easy difference betwixt people angry, and people looking for an excuse.

What manner of society have we become? That we hold the innocent to account in some backwards reordering of American concept. Oh I get it. Because “the cops did this…the cops did that…” Okay. But cops can be jailed or fired. And I’ll take 20 cops over 18 of these “protesters” and 2 communist agitators or “community organizers” whichever you call them, any day of the week.

How about crooks? They took lives all around the country today and each day gone before. Crickets? So only the cops get in trouble with the un-liberal, liberal left? How come they can’t seem to get fired up about like 90 percent of what goes on in the streets?

It’s simple. Just like some men don’t like hookers unless their Asian, the liberals don’t bother with crime reporting unless it’s committed by white Anglo Saxon protestants or cops or both. Picky? Or…agenda driven? Liberally selective we’ll say. But sadly for them, there was this news woman in town from Germany, yes a woman, robbed by our young male heroes of social justice live on air as she sobbed and struggled. A terrified woman surrounded by thugs unaffected by her screams. Sociopathic and ugly to witness.

Can’t clean this stuff up. Can’t make this stuff up. The Mayor of Baltimore summed up her role as little more than “I allowed destruction for those who wanted to destroy and protected protesters (assailants) from cars.”

You mean the cars they pulled motorists out of to beat them up? Good thinking. Was this high on the public’s list of concerns? Looters being hit by a stray car ? Apparently, well above unconscious beating victims on the sidewalk.

Question. What side is she on? Answer, she thanked the Nation of Islam and invited Pimp Sharpton.

Bottom line. Do we harm people unattached to something we don’t like? Meaning, if I’m mad at John Jacob Jingle-Himer Schmidt do I go after Keith What’s his face, pull him from his Ford Focus and bludgeon him?

Turn on your t.v. your internet, and bear witness to the neo-communist Obama movement, and it’s street criminal foot soldiers with bizarre notions of things like employment. It’s predictable bullhorn pimps. It’s roving city to city organizers. As we learn, political hacks and their sycophantic press teamed up with the criminal element gets ugly fast. On the blind side of the NBC camera, citizens are set upon by rabid dropouts who’s racism isn’t really racism according to double standards created by the left.

Show me why I’m out of line as a non-abusive contributing member of society to heap scorn here. Pardon me if I don’t buy the narrative of institutional victimhood in 2015. That concocted, shifting abstract series of myths held together with silly “disparate impact” interpretations, vague messaging, 20 second MSNBC soundbites and Russell Brand. Let’s not forget the secretive underground racist code talk trend only Jesse Jackson invented…I mean uncovered. What’s next? “Magic racism spells” cast by soccer moms? Mind control? “You are getting very sleepy. When you close your eyes and count to three you will quit paying child support and join a gang.”

I know far too many who came up hard in various ways. Drunk dads. No dads. Dead dads. Prison dads. Dads who put hands on them and did other things. And yet, these people don’t look for excuses to regress into simian behavior but instead become a neighbor, a friend, or…to a leftist, someone to hate…if they’re Irish. Or if they don’t believe in man-made climate change. Or if they love their country. The libs are icons of masterful progressive hate getting progressively worse. At this point, they only love you if you’re a 28 year old unemployed menace roughing up old men and fighting cops. What’s a little elderly abuse for the sake of social justice? Which apparently, takes the form of a white retiree on his way to Acme being knocked around by 13 black males. Which would be a bigger part of the news story… if the old man had struck a blow or two. That couldn’t be allowed to stand.

So long as the shit bags don’t get “hit by cars.” And hey, the mayor delivered on that promise. Next term she’s a shoe in. She’ll run on “disarming store owners, who are a danger to stick up artists.”

Big picture. Do we condemn or excuse or forgive or hate or give stuff based on physical characteristics? Isn’t that wrong? I believe I’m going on “the content of character,” like MLK who turns in his ever loving grave for reasons all too clear. Martin, who’s image dons the classroom walls but who’s message is being lost.

But if we’re talking about Baltimore, and we are, it was always a communist den of soviet loyalists and spies since before WWII. Whitaker Chambers wrote about it in his book “Witness.” Today, the same goals of those old leftist traitors, are being carried out by the new brand of menace with snazzier sneakers and smarter phones.

A disgrace in Baltimore. The Inner Harbor harbors injustice. Ferguson comes north as things go quickly yet steadily south. You read it here.

And so it goes.


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