“Check my privilege? Check your bias”

Understand please. Just get it. LIBERAL ( a.k.a STATIST AUTHORITARIAN) BIAS is HATE mongering.

Why is all this clear and unmitigated bullying and venom against middle class America not called the hate-mongering it obviously is? More sickening is that it’s directed at whom? Patriotic Jesus loving Americans. Oftentimes, by their brothers and sisters and cousins and neighbors. The leftists in this nation increasingly hate any thoughts outside of their views. And their rabid ideology which most do not understand, calls for the destruction of opposites. Calls for mockery, marginalization and the repetition of that process.

But do you really not see for yourself at this point? Seriously. Who’s attacked in this world at present times? Not decades ago. Now. Who’s the target for whom the so called media cannot find a voice? White cops. White victims of crime. Conservatives.

Wherever they look, movies, speeches, other people’s opinions, the leftists see sexism, racism, and issues of the plight of stereotyped members of groups. A group’s lack of performance or achievement alone means unfairness is afoot. Laws much be changed, money needs to be confiscated from those who already lose most of their paycheck as it is. America is to blame for every evil among us. More specifically, the working, family oriented core of what we are is targeted.


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