If you’d have gone to a local chapter meeting of the open American Communist Party in 1950 you couldn’t have sat among a more rabid bunch of bigoted tyrants than you’d find today in a grouping of the neuvo-hipster leftist class. In the last week, three events make this case.

Gay hotel magnate and fierce donor to all causes liberal, Mati Weiderpass was literally ousted mid cocktail party from a restaurant, we’re told, to a round of applause from nearly all in attendance. N.Y. Post featured it.

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hat tip

His crime? It was discovered during this social affair by attendees that Mati Weiderpass had the audacity to sit and have a formal chat with the likes of Senator Ted Cruz weeks earlier. Cruz who’s not a member of the one acceptable ideology for these folks, which is leftist progressivism, or American socialism. The contents of the discussion between Weiderpass and Cruz are not even part of the story as the coupling itself is suddenly some sort of “thought crime” among the left. The message is clearly sent to everyone. Public association with non-progressives is outlawed and comes at a high price. The Soviet Union is stateside now.

Next, famed comedian Jerry Seinfeld, himself no Reagan conservative to be certain, was shamed all over MSNBC and it’s accompanying twitterverse of leftist foot soldiers. He was basically given the tag of “he who must be boycotted from now on.” The media are drunk on blackballing of late I noticed.

His offense was simply stating during a television appearance that speech policing culture among the college set hurts comedy and that his comic friends don’t do college gigs much anymore because they are scared of student outrage to their jokes. Something well known already. This little monologue was delivered innocently and respectfully. And to drive home his point he told a short story of how his little daughter as though part of Orwell’s 1984, coldly accused her mother at the breakfast table of being sexist for not using pc terms and how shocking this was to both he and his wife. A parent’s eureka moment that said, “your daughter is exposed to rabid stuff in school.” And so he spoke out…unaware he was now a part of a communist state.

Needless to say the MSNBC commentary on this Seinfeld transgression, as it normally is, was knee-jerk, full of cliche, class warfare, and overplayed grievance cards. Oh the horror. Seinfeld’s message was also spitefully characterized as the last whiny gasps of a man who can “no longer get laughs?” As though suddenly one of the most successful of all comics just kind of sucks just…well…just because Don Lemon wants to see it that way. Who needs logic when little decisions can be made like this about who and what is relevant.

Oh I’ve seen that tactic before from them. The second you fall afoul of the left suddenly everything you do is seen through a “has been” lens. Kind of reevaluated and found suddenly silly and outdated. Yes, only a has-been would strike at the grievance industry and balk at turning kids into icy little parent accusers. See for yourself.  One of the cable mouthpieces on hand offered up the following slogan as though it was a real idea and not a platitude: “this can start a conversation about racism and sexism…” Genius. What an idea? Talk on race race race  topics would be a real “about face” on MSNBC wouldn’t it? Have they had a broacast this year that wasn’t entirely about race? In the final moments of the segment one of them remarks on Seinfeld “he’ll be comfortable in his EXILE !!!!!”

Excuse me? Cough. Cough. Did she say “exile?” She did, as though passing sentence in some Chinese committee hearing.

Then there’s the Miami school principal who was fired.

His transgression. Issuing a tweet that contained a sensible but unpopularly supportive opinion of a police officer regarding an incident in some viral video where some out of control teen was put on the ground by a cop and didn’t even get hurt. The poor principal made a single statement against the growing “cops are what’s wrong with society” narrative. This apparently angered sufficiently those who claim law enforcement is keeping us from creating utopia somehow. And he was handed his walking papers. Sad.

It’s axiomatic of the hard leftist movement that not only must the doctrine swiftly shift and pick up steam, but expectations of adherence must also gain intensity. That is to say that for example, “not defaming gay marriage” must turn quickly to full acceptance of gay marriage must turn to applause in unison anytime gay marriage is discussed. Eventually everyone must vow to destroy anyone who doesn’t cheer for gay marriage. Want proof? Remember when a person had to do something really offensive in order to become the target of all out attack?  I do. Now, simply expressing some concern will get you targeted. Meeting with someone of the opposite viewpoints, will get you blackballed. Defending a cop will get you fired.

Ain’t in grand folks?

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