Santa Barbara Rampage Manifesto Reveals

0Murderous Hollywood Virgin’s manifesto exudes entitlement and authoritarianism.

Elliot Rodgers, for those who’ve been in a coma, is the “Hollyweird” director’s son who went on that rampage in Santa Barbara in May of 2014 shooting people dead.

Left behind after the carnage, Rodger’s macabre manifesto detailing his twisted thoughts of control, rage and revenge on the popular kids. Haven’t we heard this before.

In Rodger’s amazingly arrogant and impossibly delusional writings featured in the N.Y. Post, he calls himself “the supreme gentleman” and “good looking” and “rich.” He’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. A king among boys. He therefore rails against the perpetual rejection he apparently got from the opposite sex since his first middle school dance. And who knows, maybe he was stuffed into lockers regularly in addition to being snubbed by hotties.

The creepy part is that that his actual status in society was so radically different from that of his own delusions. Moreover, he seems to have no idea of a solution. These are, meaning his writing, the ideas of a repellant Aspergers sufferer who clearly doesn’t recognize or is too lazy to overcome, the differences between him and the swarthy boys laying pipe to pom pom girls behind the gym. The studs having pregnancy scares. Getting laid, what have you.

Crucial to know, made very clear for the question of motive is that his sex having opposites make him angriest, simply by ignoring him. That’s right. Most bullied kids would give anything to be left alone.

Girls themselves, and as a whole according to this person, were expected to find his eery self and his BMW, attractive by some natural law in his head. It’s called, entitlement. He also took the Hollywood culture of demand and inflated self concept to a whole new level. He makes the following written statement:

“Women should not have the right to choose who to mate and breed with. That decision should be made by rational men of intelligence.” He also writes, “in an ideal world sexuality must be outlawed. A world without sex is more pure.”  How on earth does a kid end up with ideas like this? Wait. There’s more.

“If women continue to have rights they will only continue to hinder the advancement of the human race.”

Sick. What causes this pathology of control and tyranny? How about a lifetime of social struggles? His Aspergers diagnosis? His broken home life? The radicalized mainstream? Or all of the above?

“Elliot the great,” let’s say, clearly wanted women shackled up and delivered to his palace for his deviant purposes. In a few years he might have joined the terrorist group Boko Haram, or at least purchased a few sex slaves from them. And strangely but this is true: don’t use his personal and precious scent candle without permission. He apparently called the cops on his roommate for just this offense. Sadly, that kid was among the victims of the rampage.

This Rodger kid’s life is like a bad dream for society. One all too real for the families of the victims. But will we learn anything? No. We never do.

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