John Scofield

Youtube video below:

Here’s one of the best players who ever played a six string. Meet John Scofield, Miles Davis’s guitar man for his last tour. Certainly, that speaks to his cache. I saw this cat many years ago at the Count Basie Theatre up in Red Bank, N.J and was blown away by his sense of timing and his incredibly hot solos.

Little did we know at the time, ┬áthe same act came to Philly 7 days after we saw them in North Jersey. About an hour closer to our rural home town. So, we goofed on that score. Red Bank was a good show don’t get me wrong. It was Medeski Martin and Wood, and John Scofield with Charlie Hunter band opening up. Hunter, if you don’t know, plays two instruments at the same time; guitar and bass using a custom 8 string axe. He’s a headliner all by himself.

We were rather indulgent that evening if I do recall. An unmitigated adventure. We felt like we owned over square inch of the night.


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