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This morning, I wake up renewed and with much energy.  My morning began with an hour long coffee chat with an A.C. cop who I will not name.  Apparently there was another shooting at one of the notorious housing projects.  I thankfully live in another city.

He told me that the crime was done by a youth and that the crowd which gathered turned into an angry mob requiring resources from three different cities to respond to the disturbance-which became an anti police rally even though the police had just responded to the call and weren’t part of the initial incident.

The complex where this shooting happened is called Stanley Homes.  And the overwhelming theme of the residents there is criminals are good and police are bad.

Each time the cops respond to a crime, the crowds verbally and sometimes physically attack them.  Never saw such a backward group of people in my life.  And stupid.

I simply ask him, “why do you guys even go there?  Let them all kill each other.”

His response was, “we have to.”

It’s a true bizarro world.  And I ask myself how the general state of right vs wrong can go so far awry.

Again.  I thankfully live in another city.

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