western opinions not wanted on jihadist violence

There’s a very simple but false argument being made in the wake of every new Jihadist attack. A very dangerous one. That westerners have no right to comment because they don’t have endless knowledge of Islamic culture. Or because they don’t speak the Arabic tongue.

This is now part of the “play-book” if you will, of the new hard left. The appearance of some high browed ivy league middle easterner on-set at CNN, who proceeds to tell all of us that we have no right to demand vengeance or even look into Islam or discuss it after our citizens are murdered en masse.


They say because we’re just Americans who don’t culturally relate to a 24 year old terrorist or his background.

Should I relate to a 24 year old terrorist?

After yet another attack I watched as an Islamic woman interrupted a top notch CIA man on CNN trying to stifle his ability to deliver facts, almost shouting “do you even speak arabic?”

What? Are we in another dimension? Americans who actually survive attacks are from the left’s perspective expected to shut up about terrorism and Islam? Or run afoul of adjunct professors on tv? In America?

Try this hypothetical:

Cast for argument’s sake an Irish American atheist as an airport shooter killing 100 Arabs. Then imagine Americans telling the families of the slain “shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t even speak English. You’ve never seen The Big Lebowski or a Yankees game. Your words have no place here.”

Americans have not just been killed by religious villains. Now we’re being insulted. Dehumanized. Silenced in a “post attack insult campaign.”

To be sure, the intent is to silence us and to scare us with the threat of being labeled as a bigot. And if they can’t silence someone they move to discredit them. These are the tactics of these ordained agents of the new left. Who are so far down the ideological rabbit hole these days that they can’t see through their own pile of feces. Make no mistake. These are not the liberals of old.

American principals of justice and decency in pursuit of freedom and happiness must win out…This requires above all else…safety.

Reject what rejects you. And fight it.



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